April 12, 2013

Alden and Orion Partner to Provide Custom Opaque Soft Lenses

Lancaster, NY & Marietta, GA, April 11, 2013 - The Orion Vision Group and Alden Optical announced today a strategic partnership supporting Orion Vision’s formal entry into the soft opaque tint segment with the launch of BioColors custom opaque tinted contact lenses. The Orion Vision group now offers a complete line of premium opaque and prosthetic tinted soft lenses supported by Alden Optical’s well-regarded custom lenses as the base lens. “Orion is thrilled to announce the launch of BioColors as practitioners have been in real need a high quality opaque tinted lens in custom parameters” stated John Patterson, CEO Orion Vision Group. BioColors is available in 16 opaque colors with numerous iris patterns to provide practitioners with the ideal cosmetic affect. BioColors will be based on the highly regarded HP line of custom soft lenses from Alden Optical and will feature full custom parameter ranges in both spherical and toric prescriptions. “Alden is honored to support Orion on BioColors. Orion recognized that our lens designs and parameter range would make an ideal base lens for the BioColors brand” stated Tom Shone, President, Alden Optical.

BioColors is available directly from Orion Vision Group or through and Orion Vision Group Authorized Distributor. For more information, contact Orion Vision Group at 866-300-6257 or visit their website at www.orionvisiongroup.com. For more information on Alden Optical’s custom+specialty contact lens line, call 800-253-3669 or go to www.aldenoptical.com

Contact: Tom Shone
Phone: 585-737-4796
Email: tshone@aldenoptical.com