July 21, 2014

UCO Lenzen, Six Six and Sanalens Are Initial Distribution Partners

Alden Optical, Inc., manufacturer of custom + specialty soft and GP contact lenses, announced today that it has signed an agreement to license manufacturing rights to both NovaKone® and Zenlens™ to UCO Lenzen, a well-respected soft and GP lens manufacturer in The Netherlands. UCO Lenzen will manufacture NovaKone and Zenlens under license from Alden and distribute both lenses in The Netherlands and Belgium. Further, UCO Lenzen will manufacture lenses for Six Six Contacts Limited for distribution in the United Kingdom and for Sanalens for distribution in Italy. “UCO Lenzen have a strong position in specialty fitting and keratoconus as a result their extensive experience with Rose K. After a clinical review with several specialty fitters, UCO Lenzen concluded that NovaKone and Zenlens would be an excellent addition to their substantial specialty lens portfolio” stated Tom Shone, President, Alden Optical. Ed Beijer, Managing Director for UCO commented “in addition to adding these two great design to our markets, we are pleased to be the manufacturing site for strong EU distributors like Graham Avery at Six Six and Tim Albert at Sanalens”. Availability of NovaKone and Zenlens in the markets mentioned is expected to be solidified by September, 2014.

Alden Optical (www.aldenoptical.com) was established in 1969 by Charles "Pat" Creighton, OD. The company has enjoyed a long reputation for manufacturing premium specialty and custom made-to-order soft and gas permeable contact lenses while offering unparalleled customer service. Over the last few years, Alden Optical has emerged as one of the premier specialty lens manufacturers in the United States.

UCO (Universal Contact Optics) (www.ucolenzen.nl) was established in 1968 by A.W. Stek, one of leading contact lens fitters at that time. He also was one of the founders of the Dutch schooling program for contact lens fitters and inventor of the conic design “Percon” and the multifocal “Prestige” lens. Under his supervision UCO has become one of the first contact lens producing companies in the Netherlands, specialized in custom made RGP, Ortho K and soft lenses. It is well known for its flexibility and expertise in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a result of their close relationship with the customers they can follow the latest developments in fitting and offer solutions in contact lens designs.

Six Six (www.sixsixcontacts.co.uk) was established by Graham Avery in 2013. Six Six Contacts is a company focused on selling specialty contact lens designs in the UK from manufacturers in the EU and USA. Mr. Avery has over thirty years’ experience in the contact lens industry and has run his own business, Nova Contact lenses who became the first licensed manufacturer of the Rose K lens outside of the USA and New Zealand. This was introduced to the UK in 1998 and he was then responsible for securing other Rose K distributors in the EU, Middle East and India. Nova Contact Lenses was sold to David Thomas Contact Lenses in 2005, where Graham became Sales Director and a key figure in the growth of Rose K lenses. Menicon then acquired the worldwide Rose K business and this was shortly followed by Menicon’s acquisition of David Thomas Contact Lenses

Sanalens LLC has provided specialty lenses to the Italian market since 2004 and is the market leader as a distributor for contact lenses for irregular and regular corneas. The company was established by Timothy G Albert, an optometrist with over thirty years of clinical and research experience in this field. He acts as the Managing Director for Sanalens. The company is extremely well known in Italy for its extraordinarily high level of technical contact lens fitting support offered to its clients to resolve even the most difficult corneal cases.

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