August 26, 2014

ABB Optical Named Exclusive Authorized Distributor

Alden Optical® announced today that it has named ABB OPTICAL Group as an authorized distributor of NovaKone, the company’s soft lens for the correction of vision in patients with keratoconus. Alden Optical and ABB OPTICAL have conducted extensive joint customer service and consultation training to ensure the quality of support afforded practitioners ordering NovaKone through ABB OPTICAL is second to none. Tom Shone; President of Alden Optical stated “having ABB OPTICAL distribute NovaKone will be a win for practitioners who prefer to work with this excellent organization. Alden has always been impressed with the talent of ABB’s consultation team and we look forward to working together to introduce more practices to this great lens design”. As announced earlier this month, ABB OPTICAL was recently named as Alden’s exclusive US distributor. Practitioners can enjoy world class service and support by working with Alden directly or via the ABB OPTICAL team.

ABB OPTICAL has been an authorized distributor for all Alden lenses except NovaKone since 2008.

Alden Optical ( was established in 1969 by Charles "Pat" Creighton, OD. The company has enjoyed a long reputation for manufacturing premium specialty and custom made-to-order soft and gas permeable contact lenses while offering unparalleled customer service. Over the last few years, Alden Optical has developed an extensive portfolio of custom + specialty lenses including HP Toric, ASTERA™ Multifocal Toric, NovaKone® and now Zenlens. Additionally, Alden offers a full line of corneal GPs and distributes BioColors™, a custom tinted lens that is co-produced by Alden Optical and The Orion Vision Group.

Contact: Tom Shone
Phone: 800-253-3669