June 17, 2015

Brooke Messer, OD, FSLS to head program

Alden Optical® announced today the creation of a new program designed to assist Cornea & Contact Lens Residents maximize their residency experience and transition easily into practice. The Contact Lens Residents Forum or CLRF will be headed by Brooke Messer, OD, FSLS. Dr. Messer is an internationally recognized opinion leader in specialty contact lenses and a former Cornea and Contact Lens Resident at the Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Messer has a special interest in helping current and recent residents through these formative years. “My residency was an amazing experience that was made better by several mentors. Alden has afforded me the opportunity to create a forum dedicated to residents, their common interests, goals and challenges”. “Clearly today’s cornea and contact lens residents are tomorrow’s specialty fitters; by asking Dr. Messer to support these future leaders we all benefit. We’re thrilled to have Dr. Messer heading this program and be able to mentor the future of specialty contact lens fitting in this way” commented Tom Shone, President Alden Optical. The CLRF will primarily utilize social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to connect with and foster discussion among residents. For more information on this forum, including how to join, contact Dr. Messer at drbmesser@gmail.com or visit the CLRF Facebook page.

Alden Optical (www.aldenoptical.com) was established in 1969 by Charles "Pat" Creighton, OD. The company has enjoyed a long reputation for manufacturing premium specialty and custom made-to-order soft and gas permeable contact lenses while offering unparalleled customer service. Over the last few years, Alden Optical has developed an extensive portfolio of custom + specialty lenses including HP Toric, ASTERA™ Multifocal Toric, NovaKone® and now Zenlens. Additionally, Alden offers a full line of corneal GPs and distributes BioColors™, a custom tinted lens that is co-produced by Alden Optical and The Orion Vision Group.

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