October 27, 2015

Highly trained specialty fitter

Alden Optical® announced today that Andy Taddeo, FCLSA, NCLE-ADV has joined the company as a Product Specialist. Mr. Taddeo’s primary responsibility will be to consult with Eye Care Practitioner’s on complex specialty fitting towards successful outcomes with Alden designs. Mr. Taddeo brings unparalleled fitting experience to Alden with over 30 years of hands-on specialty fitting in several Central New York practices. Mr. Taddeo is infinitely familiar with the Alden Optical line of custom+specialty lenses. “We are thrilled to bring yet another super talented specialty fitter into our consultation team” stated Maggie Walsh, Director Consultation. Mr. Taddeo can be reached at 800-253-3669 or ataddeo@aldenoptical.com.

Alden Optical (www.aldenoptical.com) was established in 1969 by Charles "Pat" Creighton, OD. The company has enjoyed a long reputation for manufacturing premium specialty and custom made-to-order soft and gas permeable contact lenses while offering unparalleled customer service. Over the last few years, Alden Optical has developed an extensive portfolio of custom + specialty lenses including HP Toric, ASTERA™ Multifocal Toric, NovaKone® and now Zenlens. Additionally, Alden offers a full line of corneal GPs and distributes BioColors™, a custom tinted lens that is co-produced by Alden Optical and The Orion Vision Group.

Contact: Tom Shone
Phone: 800-253-3669
Email: info@aldenoptical.com