Practitioner Information - Ordering and Policies

How To Open An Account

Simply fill out the online account setup form or call Alden Optical at 800-253-3669 to open an account.

How To Place An Order

Call Alden Optical at 800-253-3669, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST; fax your order anytime to 800-899-5612; or email your order to

Initial Order Process (New Fit to Alden Optical)

  1. Contact Alden Optical with Rx, Ks, ADD powers, and HVID (if available). You can specify contact lens Rx or have our consultants calculate it for you from the spectacle Rx.
  2. All single lenses feature a 90-day warranty. Reorder as necessary to achieve acceptable fit and vision.

    Alden Optical’s EZ-Exchange program allows you to make a lens exchange without returning the original lens. Simply contact Alden Optical with the new parameters and Rx. Your lens will be manufactured and credit will be issued for the original lens. Lens orders that result in patient cancellation (as well as any defective lens claims) will continue to require lenses returned to receive credit.
  3. For quarterly replacement, order the 3-pack upgrade; for bi-monthly and monthly replacement, order the 5-pack upgrade. An identical single lens must be purchased to order a 3-pack or 5-pack upgrade. Limit one 3-pack or 5-pack upgrade per single lens purchased. 3-packs and 5-packs are non-warranted and must be ordered within 120 days of initial order.

Annual Replacement Orders

  1. If a lens parameter change is indicated, repeat the initial order process.
  2. If no lens parameter change is indicated, order the singles, 4-packs, or 6-packs as appropriate for each lens replacement schedule. 4-packs and 6-packs are non-warranted.

Alden Optical Policy

  1. All Alden Optical lenses are custom-manufactured (made to order). All single lens orders carry a full (100%) 90-day warranty that provides for unlimited exchanges and patient cancellation. All cancellations must be received by Alden Optical or its authorized distributor within 90 days of the original lens purchase and must be accompanied by the corresponding invoice to ensure proper credit (shipping charges are not credited). Cancellations beyond 90 days from the original lens order will not be credited to the account. Alden Optical may, at its discretion, void the warranty on any lens order. The customer will be clearly informed before placing the order that the warranty is void.
  2. Alden Optical Specialty Tints and BioColors carry a distinct warranty from Alden Optical visi-tint and clear lenses. Specialty Tints are warranted for 90 days. The first lens exchange will receive full credit. Subsequent exchanges and/or patient cancellations will receive 50% credit of original lens price. EZ-Exchange is available on ALL lenses, including Specialty Tints and BioColors. See above for details on Alden’s EZ-Exchange program.
  3. Zenlens carries a full (100%) 90-day warranty that provides for unlimited exchanges and cancellations at no charge with no hidden exchange fees.
  4. 3-pack upgrades, 5-pack upgrades, 4-packs, and 6-packs are non-warranted. 3-pack and 5-pack upgrades must be ordered within 120 days of initial order.
  5. Alden Optical strives to manufacture all lenses (clear and with visi-tint) within 3 business days of order. Please allow 3-5 additional business days to process lenses with enhancement and prosthetic tints. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of BioColors sphere, toric, or prosthetic lenses.
  6. All Alden Optical lenses are guaranteed to meet all specifications for labeled parameters and are free from manufacturing defects. Lenses returned as defective must include a specific reason and a copy of the original invoice, and be returned in the original vial. Upon receipt of product, Alden Optical will inspect it for the reason stated. If the lens is found to be defective, you will receive the appropriate credit. Customer is responsible for shipping costs of all returned products. Proof of delivery is also the responsibility of the customer.
  7. Payment terms are net 20 days of statement. Past due balances will incur a 1.5% monthly finance charge and may be placed on credit hold.
  8. All orders ship prepaid and F.O.B. from Alden Optical.
  9. Alden Optical accepts requests for RUSH orders on an as-needed basis, but only when the customer agrees to expedited shipping and associated charges.

Shipping charges are subject to change without notice.