ASTERA Multifocal Toric

ASTERA Overview Video

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The new state-of-the-art lens for presbyopic and astigmatic correction.

ASTERA™ Multifocal Toric offers you an entirely new level of performance and control for presbyopes who would benefit from a custom lens prescription and astigmatic correction. ASTERA Multifocal Toric incorporates both advanced C2™ multifocal optics developed in Europe by Precilens, as well as Alden Optical’s innovative Dual Elliptical Stabilization™ (DES). These remarkable lenses offer clear, stable vision at all distances and the power of custom parameters to address any level of ametropia or need for custom lens geometry. Plus, ASTERA is also available without cylinder correction for your custom spherical presbyopic fits.

C2 Multifocal Design: Great Vision At Every Distance

Created by Precilens, one of Europe’s leading multifocal contact lens makers, the C2 multifocal design offers your patients great vision at all distances. Unlike typical progressive aspheres, the C2 design’s stabilized near and distance zones mean your patients will enjoy improved near vision and great distance acuity across a wide range of visual scenarios. This C2 design offers:

  • Stabilized near and distance zones
  • Large spherical zones to ensure minimal visual compromise
  • The ability to adjust near and distance parameters independently
  • 3 ADD profiles to fit a wider range of patients

Dual Elliptical Stabilization™: Exceptional Toric Performance

Alden Optical’s Dual Elliptical Stabilization system uses CAD/CAM tools to precisely control the shape and position of the lens ballast, as opposed to traditional double slab-off designs where the ballast is created using material that remains after “slabbing off.” By adding material to the lens to create the exact ballast shape and position desired, DES toric lenses are able to deliver:

  • Faster rotational alignment
  • Improved orientation
  • Excellent rotational stability
  • Reduced lens thickness

Why Fit ASTERA Multifocal Toric?

  • Dual Elliptical Stabilization for outstanding orientation and rotational stability
  • Proven C2 optics for outstanding near and distance vision with minimal compromise
  • 3 ADD profiles to fit a wider range of patients
  • Simplified empirical fitting
  • Excellent patient outcomes
  • Available without cylinder correction for your custom spherical presbyopic fits


Material Hioxifilcon D
Water Content 54%
Diameter (mm) 13.0 to 16.0 (14.5 standard)
Base Curve
7.7 to 9.8 in 0.1 mm steps
Power +/- 30.00 in 0.25D steps
Cylinder Power -0.25 to -10.00D in 0.25D steps
Axis Any @ 1°
Stabilization Dual Elliptical Stabilization™
ADD Profile 1: ≤ +1.50D or patients 44 or younger
Profile 2: +1.75D to +2.25D or patients between 45-54
Profile 3: ≥ +2.50D or patients 55 and older
Distance Optics Aspheric correcting for spherical aberration in both sphere and toric
Color Clear or Tinted
Replacement Conventional, Quarterly, Bimonthly, Monthly

Diagnostic Set

Consists of 18 lenses—two each: Profile 1, Profile 2, and Profile 3, 8.3/8.6/8.9 base curves. Each is a zero cylinder toric with Dual Elliptical Stabilization™