Alden Classic Toric

HP Toric Classic

A Proven Option When a Prism Ballast Design is Preferred

The Alden Classic Toric is a custom manufactured back-surface toric. Available in polymacon or methafilcon, the Alden Classic Toric is a great option when a back-surface toric with prism ballasting is preferred.

Outstanding lenses backed by uncompromising service.

Alden Classic Toric lenses allow you to fit traditional back-surface prism ballast toric—perfect for refitting from other prism ballast designs or whenever prism is preferred. Working with Alden Optical allows you to enjoy the service and support you need to help ensure patient success.

  • Choose from an incredible range of sphere and cylinder powers
  • Available in virtually any base curve or diameter
  • All single lens orders carry a full (100%) 90-day warranty
  • Orders ship within three business days

The Phoenix Program

Alden Optical’s Phoenix Program offers eye care practitioners a simple solution to the problem of discontinued vial sphere lenses. Our unique blend of custom manufacturing, extraordinarily broad parameter ranges, and multiple lens material options means we’re able to provide practitioners with Alden HP or Alden Classic lenses that are an extremely close substitute for many popular, but discontinued, sphere and toric lenses.

  Materials Diameter Base Curve Sphere Cylinder Axis
38% water,
9 Dk (ISO)
Classic 55
Methaficon A, 55% water,
17 Dk (ISO)

13.0. 13.5,
14.0 suggested

7.7, 7.9, 8.1, 8.3,
8.5, 8.7, 8.9 suggested
+30.00 to

in 0.25 steps
-0.25 to

in 0.25 steps
1° to 180°
in 1° steps
    No additional charge
for any diameter or base curve
outside of this range